Transforming Relationships

If you are married, you probably know that marriage can be either the most rewarding thing in your life or the most distressing. If your marriage is strong, everything around you can be falling apart, but you’ll survive and maybe even thrive because of the love and support of your spouse. However, if your marriage is on the rocks, it doesn’t matter how successful you might be at the office or how much money you have in the bank. In the end, your life can be a complete mess because of the pain and trauma brought about by marital strife.

How is your communication in your marriage? Your level of intimacy? Are you facing challenges (financial, blended families, etc.) that are stressing your relationship? Are you dealing with transitional changes (retirement, empty nest, etc.)?

Participating in couples coaching can help a relationship go from just surviving to being truly rewarding. It allows you to proactively deal with challenges or changes that may negatively impact your relationship if they are not addressed. With the help of your couples coach team, you and your spouse can develop a new picture of what you want your relationship to be, and you can figure out the practical ways to get there.

If you’re comfortable in your relationship but want to grow even closer to your spouse and experience the joy that comes with greater depth, you can benefit from couples coaching.

Your coaches, Mark and Jan, will combine their expertise to help you develop a customized plan for reaching your goals as a couple. Because each relationship and situation is different, Mark and Jan will assess your individual needs and both make suggestions and help you implement a program for deepening your relationship with each other and with God. It’s an investment in your future which will provide many rich dividends.

We have many important relationships in our lives. Good relationships are a critical component of a fulfilling and enjoyable life. If you are facing challenges in your relationships and desire closer interactions with others, coaching can help you.

Spiritual coaching is designed specifically to deepen a person’s connection to God, from desiring to learn more about Him to a fuller realization of the depth of relationship possible with Him. Have you always wished for more in your understanding of and relationship with God, a true two-way conversation with your Creator? Are you seeking direction about what He created you to do? Are you desiring to experience more of the fruit of the Spirit? If so, spiritual coaching may be for you.