About Life Coaching

Welcome to Transformation Life Coaching! We are excited about the possibility of working with you! When you decide to work with a life coach, it’s important to understand the coaching relationship so that it works well for you.

A coaching relationship is typically one-on-one, so you will be working with either Mark or Jan to assess and work toward your individual needs. Coaching appointments are conducted on the telephone, which allows for ultimate convenience for you and your schedule, no matter your geographic location. As coaches, our strengths lie in helping you in quickly getting to the heart of an issue, facilitating creative reflection, formulating practical strategies and energizing motivation. We strive to help our clients not only achieve what they set out to do, but also increase self-awareness and attain a healthy balance in life.

We are committed to you and your best interests. As your coach, Mark or Jan will give you their undivided attention, ask the hard questions and reflect back to you what they hear. They will challenge you and encourage you to explore new avenues. As an opportunity to find clarity, purpose, and direction, coaching is an investment in yourself. The benefits multiply themselves for a lifetime.